What can I do for the earth?

Changing simple, everyday habits?

earth from space
A central place for everyone who cares about our home –
the only one we've got.
You've heard enough about the problem.
But now we focus on the solution.
It's real.
field landscape
There are any number of fantastic things you could do.
Too many, perhaps.
wind turbine
wind turbine
wind turbine
alternative energy
alternative energy
tree flowers
tree real
tree bountiful
tree leaves
tree sagging
bird flight
But don't worry, we're here to make it all simple.
Greening organizations.
Greening lifestyles.
A movement to redefine the greatest threat of the 21st century.
Let's call it what it is: climate chaos
"Global warming?"
Misleading, we'll just spend more time at the beach...
"Climate change?"
Misleading, the nature of climate is to change...
cc everyone: "Get the name right: it's climate chaos!"

What we
work towards


Making lifestyles sustainable.

Learn from and contribute to communities focused on decreasing our personal footprint. Our interactive product reviews, tailored recommendations and friendly competitions make going green simple, fun and rewarding.


Making organizations sustainable.

The most revealing study yet on companies and industries of all shades and colors. Understanding the product lifecycle and managerial choices organizations engage in is only the first step towards being a responsible consumer.


Getting the name right.

Join a mass movement that can radically alter people's mindset, through a simple but powerful reframe. Getting the diagnosis right is crucial towards solving climate chaos.

Earth Lovin Community

Join us on an adventure.

Communities with a purpose transforming the world.

We're lovin it. You will too.

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The Earth Lovin Community focuses on the following broad initiatives:

  1. Sustainable Lifestyles - a community focused on finding products, promoting behavioral patterns, and developing practical solutions that people can easily employ in their personal lives to be in greater harmony with their environment.
  2. Sustainable Businesses - a community focused on evaluating products and companies according to how sustainable they are in all aspects of their supply chains.
  3. Climate Chaos - a community focused on changing society's use of the terms climate change or global warming to climate chaos, and starting a far-reaching campaign to "cc everyone."